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Building Bridges, Enabling Progress: Connecting Suriname’s Internet Community for Empowerment and Growth

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Empowering Suriname through Internet Access and Innovation

The Internet Society Suriname Chapter is dedicated to serving the entire Suriname community, with a special focus on the internet community. Our aim is to cater to the needs of the general public, businesses, government entities, and other institutions that rely on or require the internet for their existence or growth. Additionally, we strive to establish partnerships with other chapters that share similar interests, particularly those located in the surrounding Caribbean countries.

Internet Society Suriname Chapter

Our Goals

Collaboration and Partnerships

We actively seek partnerships with other Internet Society chapters in the Caribbean region to share knowledge, exchange best practices, and collaborate on regional initiatives. By leveraging collective resources and expertise, we can drive greater impact and address common challenges in the internet landscape.

Digital Literacy and Skills Development

We recognize the importance of digital literacy in empowering individuals and enabling them to fully participate in the digital age. Through workshops, training programs, and educational initiatives, we aim to equip Surinamese citizens with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the internet safely, effectively, and responsibly.

Internet Access for All

We believe that internet access is a fundamental right in today's digital world. We work closely with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other stakeholders to enhance internet infrastructure, expand coverage to underserved areas, and advocate for affordable internet access for all residents of Suriname.

Join the Conversation

Monthly Gatherings

Join us for our monthly gatherings held on the 24th of every month. While we currently hold these gatherings virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions, they provide an excellent platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and community building. Each gathering features informative presentations, interactive discussions, and opportunities to connect with industry professionals, government representatives, and individuals passionate about the internet's transformative power.

Unleashing Potential, Inspiring Progress

Purpose & Scope

Suriname, with its approximate population of 600,000 inhabitants and a small economy, faces challenges in facilitating business activities. The limited economy of scale often leads to high costs for individuals accessing the internet. Consequently, local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) encounter difficulties in increasing their subscriber base. In collaboration with these ISPs, our chapter is committed to working towards a higher number of internet subscribers. By doing so, we aim to achieve two important goals: bringing the internet to more people and reducing individual costs by spreading them across a larger subscriber base. This approach enables us to achieve a lower individual cost while maintaining a higher price/quality ratio.


Advocating for an Open Internet: Rights, Freedom, Progress


 Expanding Internet Access and Affordability for All


Empowering Suriname's Internet Community: Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth

Digital Future

Nurturing a Digital Future: Enhancing Connectivity, Digital Literacy, and Economic Opportunities


Activities and Initiatives

The Internet Society Suriname Chapter promotes positive and sustainable use of the internet through community outreach and educational programs. They advocate for open and accessible internet policies and facilitate collaborations between stakeholders.

Policy Advocacy

We advocate for internet-friendly policies that support Suriname's internet ecosystem by working with government bodies, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders to foster innovation, protection of digital rights and promote a secure and open internet environment.

Research and Publications

"Our chapter's publications on internet technologies, cybersecurity, and digital innovation are valuable references for academics, professionals, and policymakers, contributing to the field of internet governance."

Internet Awareness Campaigns

We educate Suriname about the benefits of the internet and bridge the digital divide through workshops, seminars, and public outreach programs.

Youth Empowerment Programs

Our programs empower youth with digital skills such as coding, programming, and tech entrepreneurship. We facilitate mentorship, workshops, and hackathons to inspire and equip the next generation of innovators to shape Suriname's digital future.


Get Involved

We invite individuals, businesses, government entities, and institutions to join us in our mission to strengthen the Suriname internet community. There are several ways to get involved:

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